July 1st Is National Ice Cream Day!

July 1st Is National Ice Cream Day!

The natural creativity of human beings finds expression through many forms such as painting, poetry, music and…. Ice cream flavors. The selection of available flavors boggles the mind and often stretches the bounds of believability. From fish flavored varieties to ice cream made from goat’s milk, the options for satisfying your ice cream craving seem endless. Haagen-Daz announces new flavors and types of ice cream every year, and there are many local boutique ice cream shops with their own unique flavors. Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day celebrates all the crazy flavors that have been invented over the years and even those which have yet to come to light!

Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day History
How did Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day come about? This is a good question, and one for which we don’t have a definite answer. The likelihood is that the origins of the day rest in the hands of the ice cream makers themselves, who hoped to inspire more business and creativity!

Another possibility is that a few intrepid ice cream experimentalists got together to see what their combined enjoyment for ice cream could uncover in regards to undiscovered flavors. Vanilla alone is no longer interesting enough, how about we throw pickles in there? Maybe they dared each on to greater and crazier feats of ice cream creation, throwing in any errant ingredient which came to hand. Whatever the truth, ice cream is certainly rich with opportunities!

Celebrating Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
There are numerous ways to celebrate Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day! One might go out and explore an ice cream shop, perusing the flavors for something exotic, unusual, or simply untried. Some flavors to search for and consider: Smoked Chocolate and Tequila, Duck Fat and Caramel Joy Sauce, Sichuan Pepper and that’s just a start!

If riding someone else’s creative coat tails doesn’t suit your fancy (or maybe the crazy flavors you find don’t jive with your sensibilities) feel free to create your own! Maybe start with a base of vanilla and add unique toppings to taste. Or dust off the ice cream maker that’s been lying dormant in the garage and mix up your own concoction of cream and flavorful goodness, whether it’s avocados, anchovies, or eccentric berries and fruit it’s sure to be in the spirit of the day!

Another possibility is to hold a Cultural Favorite Ice Cream Party, wherein you invite your friends over to try out some cultural flavors. Japanese Ice cream may beat all for out and out weird flavors. The Japanese love two things: seafood and green tea, so it is no surprise that both have ended up in their ice cream. You could challenge your friends to try some shrimp ice cream or, if that fails to impress them, serve up some python flavor. If that doesn’t stop them then bring out the jellyfish ice cream you’ve been saving just for this day. These are all real flavors hailing from the minds of Japanese ice cream culture.

However you choose to enjoy it, the bounds of ice cream creativity are sure to be stretched to new limits, and your enjoyment and appreciation of this beloved food item will no doubt increase!

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