Dental Professional Dictionary: A Guide to 4 of the Most Common Dental Professionals

Dental Professional Dictionary: A Guide to 4 of the Most Common Dental Professionals

It seems that dental professionals have gotten somewhat generalized in the minds of the general public in the same way that every copier is a Xerox ® or every tissue is a Kleenex ®. Not every dental professional is a dentist. A great many “odontists” help us keep our mouths healthy and our teeth looking their best. Here’s a guide to four of the most common “odontist” dental professionals looking out for our oral health:

Endodontists could be considered the E.R. doctor of dentists. Endodontists handle traumatic dental injuries, such as knocked-out teeth but specialize in the soft inner tissue of the teeth Endodontists diagnose and treat infected roots and are experts in root canal treatment and endodontic surgery.

Orthodontists might spend a lot of time straightening crooked pictures since they’re the ones that work to align improperly positioned teeth and jaws. With plenty of hardware at their disposal, Orthodontists might use braces, retainers, spacers, headgear and more to ensure you’re aligned. Orthodontic treatment can improve the health, appearance and lifespan of your teeth and may improve speech problems, jaw pain, and difficulties chewing or biting.

Periodontists similar to the people the CDC send in hazmat suits. They get to find and fight the nasty disease. They specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal diseases range from simple gum inflammation (gingivitis) to major damage to the soft tissue and bone that support the teeth. Send in the Periodontist to scale and perform root planning, gum grafts and dental implants.

Prosthodontists might be the real artists of the “odontist” group. Like art restorationists, Prosthodontists are experts at restoring and/or replacing teeth. Using a variety of techniques such as crowns, bridges, full or partial dentures and dental implants these dentists can help restore the appearance and function of your teeth after dental loss or damage.

Although general dentists offer a broad range of services, your Mesa dentist, Dr. Gary Robison may refer you to one of these specialists.

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