Important Dental Facts

Important Dental Facts

Is teeth whitening safe for children?

Most teenagers want to enhance their teeth by using teeth brightening products and recoloring items. A few youngsters encounter sensitivity because of the abuse of brightening items as they contain a bleaching agent.

Cavities because of sugar?

Sugar in food holds a noteworthy part in the increase of dental cavities. Microscopic organisms inside the plaque utilize the sugar as energy and discharge corrosive waste item, which breaks the enamel in the teeth bit by bit.

The biggest danger is sugary drinks, which we some of us drink all day. Continuous sugary liquids contribute majorly towards tooth decay.

Acidic foods cause tooth decay.

Acid is not good for dental health in any way. The more acid intake there is, the more decline is seen. Acidic food like lemon, oranges, cranberry, coffee, ketchup, contains acid which weakens the tooth enamel. This results in discoloration of teeth, and they become yellow.

Aspirin next to toothpaste does not fix toothache.

Swallowing aspirin might be useful for issues in the jaw joint in grown-ups, not putting it next to the tooth. Since Aspirin is acidic, putting it next to the tooth can consume your gum tissue, causing a boil. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you can take an aspirin, but you should make an appointment promptly with your dentist to check for tooth decay.

Sensitivity does not necessarily mean tooth decay.

Brushing too hard or utilizing a hard-bristled toothbrush can cause sensitivity. Some people just have hypersensitive teeth. Gum recession that exposes some of the root of the tooth can also cause a measure of tooth sensitivity. However, broken teeth can wind up loaded up with bacteria from plaque and cause sensitivity in the teeth.

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Brush and floss is the best way to keep your teeth healthy.

Sugar, plaque, and food particles can easily become stuck between your teeth. Therefore, dentists highly recommended the use of dental floss at least once a day. It is also suggested to brush at least twice a day and use mouthwash to maintain fresh breath.

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