Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Fillings

Some of our patients have gone their entire lives without the need for a dental filling, but on the more common end of the spectrum, about 95% of us have had either dental cavities or missing teeth. If you are a first-timer, and you’re a little bit anxious about what a dental fillings may entail, we’ve compiled this article to let you in on the secret behind dental fillings, how safe they are, and how quickly they can be performed with very little discomfort. Let’s begin by taking a look at what dental fillings are.

What Are Dental Fillings?

A dental filling is a piece of malleable material placed into the cavity in between or on a tooth. The goal of a dental filling is to restore the tooth function and delay any more growth of tooth decay.

When are Dental Fillings Needed?

Dental fillings are needed when a hole forms in the exterior portion of your tooth. A hole can form either from decay or trauma, but in either case, it needs to be filled. Remaining untreated, the hole can get worse and allow bacteria to enter the inside of your tooth, eventually calling for a more intense and possibly more painful solution.

Different Kinds of Fillings

There are different kinds of fillings that are manufactured from different kinds of materials. You and your dentist together will make a joint decision on what kind of material to use based on how much repair is needed, your circumstances, and desires. The most common filling is made from a safe resin composite material that matches closely to the color of your surrounding teeth.

How We Can Help!

If you find that you still have questions about dental fillings and would like more information, our office in Mesa, AZ, is always ready to contact our patients as soon as possible. From all of us here at Robison Dental Group, we work tirelessly to make connecting with our patients easy so that your questions or concerns never go unanswered. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment!

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