Why Your Dentist May Want You To Get A Crown

Why Your Dentist May Want You To Get A Crown

Have you been told that you need a dental crown? Do you have questions about what this means or what the procedure will entail? If so, keep reading to learn more about how a dental crown can help treat any number of oral health issues such as discolored or misshapen teeth – or even a broken tooth!

Understanding a Dental Crown

As its name implies, a crown is a particular type of restoration that sits on top of a natural tooth – like a corn! Its purpose is to protect the tooth which also means that it can protect your overall dental health.

Dental crowns are Used in Situations Such as These

  • Tooth Decay. With the use of a crown, a tooth can often be saved from ongoing damage caused by decay and infection.
  • Cracked or Broken Teeth. Because a crown sits on top of a tooth, it is often used to restore functionality to a tooth that is cracked or broken.
  • Missing Teeth. Crowns are often used in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to anchor a dental bridge.
  • Root Canal Treatment. Because a root canal removes infected material from the base of a tooth, the tooth is often left unstable unless it’s protected by a crown.
  • Cosmetic issues. Although a tooth may be structurally sound, it may still suffer from cosmetic concerns such as staining or other discoloration. A crown will hide these blemishes.

Dental Crowns and Implant Therapy at Robison Dental Group

One of the most exciting dental medicine developments in recent years is modern implant therapy used in conjunction with dental crown treatment. At Robison Dental Group, dental implants provide a long-term replacement for missing teeth so you can avoid the need for partial dentures. Because crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, they are often viewed as one of the advantages of dental implants.

You Can Trust Robison Dental Group

With our modern dental facility and years of experience, your dental health is in good hands. Whether you’re looking for general or cosmetic dentistry, we can provide the professional friendly service that makes us one of Mesa’s most popular choices for dental care! Make your appointment today.

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