5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

Do you freak out on the mention of a dental procedure or dentist? Don’t worry you are not the only one. Many people have anxiety issues regarding dentist and dental visits. Sedation dentistry is something that’s going to save you from anxiety regarding dentists and dental procedures.

What’s Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of special medications to help patients relax during dental procedures and can range from nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to general anesthesia, where patients experience a decreased level of awareness or consciousness. Here are top five reasons to consider sedation dentistry.

  • It Makes Time Pass Fast

No matter how friendly and welcoming the dentist is, it can be awkward for a patient lying in the chair to stare at their dentist and the ceiling for the duration of the appointment. Sedation, even mild forms, can make a dental appointment pass by in the blink of an eye.

  • It Saves You Trips

Many dental procedures require you to sit more like cosmetic dentistry and if you have a busy schedule and need it done all at once, sedation dentistry is perfect for you. Many patients having cosmetic treatment opt to have sedation because the visits can be quite long. With sedation, not only can you rest while getting the dental treatment you need, you can also save time by having extensive procedures done in one appointment.

  • Eliminate Your Gag Reflex

Many patients have a very high gag reflex, which can make dental work uncomfortable. Mild forms of sedation dentistry will minimize the gag reflex and allow dentists to do their work uninterrupted and allow patients to feel more at ease.

  • Trouble Sitting Still?

Are you one of those who just can’t sit still? Well thank god for sedation dentistry. Even the mildest forms of sedation dentistry can help to relax the body of fidgety patients. The calming effects of sedation are extremely beneficial.

  • Sensitive Teeth And Gums

If you have very hypersensitive teeth and gums then sedation is very helpful. You can be relaxed and the treatment can be done easily.

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