Can flying give me a tooth ache?

Can flying give me a tooth ache?

Flying is a tenuous process for many people. It brings with itself a whole bag of minor problems for several people – excessive pain in the ears, raised blood pressure and what not. Some people also perceive that they can have dental pain, or tooth ache, when they are travelling via air.

This is a real phenomenon. Although, it is not critical enough to cause severe damage, there are certainly a few steps you can take to ensure there are not probabilities of it causing excessive and unbearable pain to you. The experts at Robison Dental Group have compiled this set of guidelines for you to look at:

Why Flying Can Give You a Toothache

Flying generally does not give you a toothache. The modern day cabins are designed to reduce the effects of high atmospheric pressure in the body and also have ample supply of oxygen in the cabin. That said, there is a possibility that during high altitude flights, you may face some dental pain. This pain arises only because the high pressure causes the weaker roots in the teeth to cause some pain and irritation.

Managing Tooth Pain While Traveling

If you are trying to manage sudden tooth pain witnessed during a flight, the best way to ensure you have comfortable flight would be consuming a prescribed, standard pain killer or taking a nap. In any ways, the resources available on the flight are limited. Hence, you should take up activities to ensure that the minor pain is not your point of focus for the next few hours.

When to Take Extra Care of Your Teeth Before Flying

Generally, if you recently have undergone a root canal or have fixed a veneer or a cap, you might need to be a little more cautious before going into air travel. Usually, you should consult your dentist before heading straight on to flights right after a dental treatment.

When You Should See a Dentist About Sensitive Teeth While Flying

If the flight causes excess pain, you should definitely visit your dentist as soon as you land. Although, the very flight itself will not be the issue here; it would simply enhance any possible chances of pain you could’ve had because of some other dental problem.

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