6 Things You Didn’t Know About Lumineers

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Lumineers

If you have some information about cosmetic dentistry, you must have heard the term “Lumineers”. Here, Robinson Dental Group is going to give you 6 things that you didn’t know about lumineers.

Lumineers are made from a patented material

There are many veneers in the market today that is made up of porcelain. That is not the case with Lumineers. Lumineers are different. They are very innovative and are made up of a patented ceramic material known as cerinate.

Lumineers are stronger than traditional porcelain veneers:

The material cerinate that we talked about earlier is really strong. When you look at it, you may think that this is a delicate veneer but they can withstand quite a lot of pressure for years. This is the reason why these lumineers last for years.

Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers:

As mentioned earlier, it may look delicate. The reason why they look delicate is that they are thinner than the traditional veneers. This gives you an incredibly aesthetic look. Also, it requires less preparation work and makes sure that you do not waste your precious time before the treatment. When you choose to get lumineers done, your tooth structure remains intact.

Lumineers can last up to twice as long as porcelain veneers

When you look at lumineers, you may feel that they are fragile in nature but they are actually pretty strong. The material that it is made up of, gives them a stronger bond with your teeth and makes them last twice as long as any other type of porcelain veneer.

Lumineers can be used to treat all kinds of cosmetic flaws

There is a range of complexities that lumineers can help you solve. This ranges from stains in your teeth to gaps between your teeth.

Lumineers are custom-made by Cerinate

This is another reason that makes lumineers so perfect. They are custom made for you and it fits perfectly.

If you or anyone around you want to get a lumineers treatment, make sure you book an appointment at Robinson Dental Group for a flawless treatment. We have expert dentists who would be happy to help you with all your problems

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