Thanksgiving Is the Day To Flash The Perfect Smile With Lumineers

Thanksgiving Is the Day To Flash The Perfect Smile With Lumineers

If you desire that perfect bright smile this Thanksgiving you are not required to sacrifice healthy teeth. You can now have both with lumineers that are stronger and thinner and are capable of adding support to your teeth. It is also a noninvasive treatment that can whiten and straighten your teeth just like Invisalign. This is a suitable option for flashing the wonderful smile on Thanksgiving day by forgoing the traditional treatments that were being provided by dentists for many years.

When Can Lumineers Prove Beneficial?

If you have discolored or stained teeth in your mouth along with gaps between your teeth your best option to have a beautiful smile in just a couple of visits rest with lumineers. They are the present-day veneers that can provide you with a snap-on smile without the drilling, removing of the tooth enamel and other hassles that are generally involved with traditional treatments.

The benefits provided by lumineers do not in any way indicate that veneers are no longer effective. There are some problems which can only be corrected by veneers but it would help you to understand you can also have your teeth whitened or slightly straightened with lumineers that are capable of doing a great job without needing anesthesia or any preparation.

The Technique Used by Lumineers

Dentists are generally using two types of veneers which are in the form of resin composite and ceramic veneers. Lumineers are made from strong and thin Cerinate porcelain with a thickness of just 0.22 MM which is lower than traditional veneers that are 0.4 MM to 0.8 MM. The thin material ensures that lumineers will not require any drilling or reshaping of the teeth and therefore the need for anesthesia is also eliminated. Dentists will take an impression of the area where the lumineers will be placed to send the molds with instructions to the laboratory. This is usually conducted during the first consultation with the dentist for the lumineers.

During the second visit, the lumineers will be adjusted slightly for placement and also verify their shape and color to ensure they fit properly to provide a perfect smile. Unlike the techniques used when placing traditional veneers, dentists are not required to remove the enamel from the teeth that can cause sensitivity. The dentist simply bonds the lumineers with a dental resin to the surface of the teeth. You will be ready with your Thanksgiving smile in just two visits because dramatic changes will be visible to you after the placement.

Is Lumineers Durable?

You will find it reassuring that lumineers after being made from Cerinate porcelain are extremely strong and have been proven as effective to last for approximately 20 years for some patients. Studies conducted in China have revealed that approximately 736 patients who had their front teeth restored with lumineers stated they were stable, unnoticeable, and provided a strong aesthetic solution for restorations without the need for excessive preparation.

Other Benefits Of Lumineers

Lumineers do not require any drilling as it is common with dental crowns and is therefore extremely convenient for people that choose to have them. As people are not required to undergo any preparation they are kept away from wearing temporary placements on their teeth when the laboratory is fabricating their custom lumineers. These placements have become popular among people as an alternative for veneers which require several visits to the dentist’s office besides undergoing extensive therapies before people can finally consider flashing a beautiful smile. People that are not prepared to wait for Thanksgiving to get over with discolored and stained teeth now have a suitable alternative available to them in the form of lumineers.

Lumineers should not be considered as a short-term alternative compared to veneers as the studies conducted in China have proven they are a durable option. Most importantly people will find lumineers a cost-effective alternative because they can be placed in just a couple of visits without the need for scraping, drilling, anesthesia and any other dental needs. People can schedule an appointment with their dentist for lumineers a couple of days before Thanksgiving to be in a position to walk out on Thanksgiving day with a brilliant smile on their faces.

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