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Invisalign in Mesa, Arizona

One of the most substantial reasons people want invisible braces in Mesa is so no one can tell they are wearing braces.

But there are numerous reasons to choose clear braces in Mesa besides the appearance. Dr. Gary Robison of the Robison Dental Group providing Invisalign in Mesa, AZ has a great deal of experience in putting these state of the art braces in and helping our patients to maintain their personalized treatment plans.

Invisalign clear braces work differently than old fashion bulky metal braces. Invisalign® in Mesa, AZ uses clear aligners to change the overall shape of the patient’s smile. Each set of aligners that Dr. Gary Robison personalizes for his patient is worn for a short period of time, usually no more than two weeks. These invisible aligners are removable, so they’re great for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

There aren’t any braces that can offer an immediate fix to issues with bites that often take decades to fully develop. In contrast to traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners in Mesa work quickly, requiring an average treatment time of twelve months.

The Robison Dental Group of Mesa wholeheartedly recommends them. If you have dismissed braces treatment because of how they look and how long they take to work, it might be time to change your mind and check out the latest teeth straitening treatments.

Advantages of Invisalign in East Valley, AZ

Some of the biggest advantages of Invisalign braces

  • There are no painful tightening of wires or nightly application of rubber bands.
  • Unlike with traditional unsightly braces, you will not have to purchase special cleaning devices or braces friendly dental floss.
  • With Invisalign you can continue to enjoy the foods you love, for you can simply remove your aligners before you eat your favorite foods!
  • No need to remove them for eating and tooth brushing
  • Subtle and discreet
  • Invisaling braces treatment offers our patients shorter treatment time.
  • Covered by many insurers

Invisible braces in Mesa will help create the smile you always wanted, faster than traditional braces. Call our office at 480-924-2300 to set up a complimentary consultation.

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