Lumineers in Mesa, AZ

With Lumineers in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Gary A. Robison, can give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted in just 2 easy visits.

Lumineers in Mesa, AZ are one of the most natural-looking restoration procedures that dentistry currently has to offer. And unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers in Mesa, AZ do not require any drilling or grinding of the teeth, in turn providing the greatest preservation of the tooth structure possible. Click here to view our Lumineers before and after gallery.

Clinical testing has proven that a Lumineers smile lasts and looks great for over 20 years. For more information on Lumineers in Mesa, AZ, please visit our office.

Dr. Gary A. Robison is a certified Lumineers dentist in Mesa, AZ. Choosing to transform your smile with Lumeneers due to chipped, misshaped, spacing, moderately crooked or discolored teeth is painless (no shots) and easy.

The Robison Dental Group offers a free initial Lumineers consultation. After your consultation, Dr. Gary A. Robison will create impressions of your upper and lower teeth and then forward your mold as well as some photos and other records to an authorized Lumineers laboratory. Then, during your next visit, Dr. Gary A. Robison will place your custom Lumineers without binding, to ensure a proper fit. Dr. Gary A. Robison will then moderately etch your teeth to prepare each tooth for precise placement. He will then inspect your bite and polish your beautiful smile!

If you are unhappy with your smile and have been considering the use of Lumineers to correct your dental concerns, call Dr. Gary A. Robison of the Robsion Dental Group in Mesa, AZ today to schedule a free initial Lumineers consultation.

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