Sleep Dentistry in Mesa, AZ

Sleep dentistry is a rapidly emerging field of dental care. Sleep dentists specialize in the fitting and creation of custom-built oral equipment for addressing dental problems related to sleep, such as snoring and sleep apnea.

Sleep problems have a dramatic effect on virtually every part of your body. Things like sleep apnea can affect your brain development, bone development, and more. Approximately 1 in 4 people with sleep apnea experience teeth grinding and other dental problems. Sleep apnea is also closely linked with depression, stroke, heart attack, and dementia, among other chronic illnesses.

Sleep dentists create special, fitted mouthpieces for those who suffer from sleep apnea. These mouthpieces prevent teeth grinding and lessen the prevalence of cracked, damaged, or sensitive teeth. Sleep dentistry is recommended to anyone who suffers from sleep apnea and can prevent the formation of craniofacial abnormalities through life.

Sleep dentistry appliances work by keeping your lower jaw in the correct position, so airflow in your trachea remains constant. They also keep your tongue depressed and prevent it from obstructing your airways. Sleep dentistry treatments are presided over by both dental and sleep professionals.

At Robison Dental Group, we offer sleep dentistry services in Mesa, AZ, to our customers and specialize in the treatment of sleep-related dental disorders. Our team of dedicated professionals has over 40+ years of combined experience and can offer the comprehensive dental care you need for the entire family.

Our sleep dentist products are based on the Vivos system. This 4-step program is the most major evolution in the treatment of sleep apnea in the past 30 years. The 4-step Vivos program, administered under the care of our qualified experts, can reduce or eliminate symptoms of sleep apnea and prevent any short-term or long term damage. The comfortable and easy to wear equipment can be worn while sleeping and are virtually pain-free.

If you are looking for Sleep Dentistry services near you, contact Robison Dental Group in Mesa, AZ. We are the dentist near you that can provide the sleep dentistry services you need.

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